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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating reduces the energy consumption required for space heating by using low water temperatures to heat the space from the bottom up. 

Under floor heating (UFH), while not a new concept is fast becoming the preferred choice in home heating due to health and comfort benefits.

Under floor heating can be used with almost all floor coverings such as wood, tile, carpet, etc. Heat sources for under floor heating systems can be Geothermal heat pumps, Oil fired boilers, Gas fired boilers, wood chip or pellet stoves.

Under Floor heating offers a number of features and advantages that benefit you directly.

Energy Saving

It is proven that underfloor heating can reduce your heating bills considerably due to the fact that lower temperatures are used over a large area.


Under floor heating provides even temperatures throughout the whole room eliminating the cold spots that can be associated with conventional radiator systems. Heating the whole floor warms the living space evenly, as the heat convects upwards from the floor. This in turn creates an even comfort level.


Dust mites require moisture to survive. With under floor heating dust mites are eliminated due to lack of moisture. This benefits people who are asthma sufferers or have other respiratory allergies.

Design Freedom

Under floor heating allows more freedom when planning and designing room layout. All the wall space in the room can be utilised due to the absence of radiators.

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